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It is the irony of the Indian society that people feel embarrassed for talking about sex even when it inspired the world to explore the sexual life itself. Indian sex is modest. People are shy when it comes to discussing one's sex life. That is the main reason why sex toys aren't sold like garments in the market. You will not find a single sex toys store in the country (because of the government rules forbidding the sale of adult products at a retail store).

Sex Toys Store In India

In India, the only way you can get your hands on sex toys is through an online adult store like Sexytoy. Here you can get high-quality sex toys online and get them delivered right to your door step. You have the chance to explore the endless possibilities of sex without saying anything to anyone. Just explore the website and pick the sex toys for men online best matching your interests.

The reason for ban on retail sex toys store in the country is because of the nature of the Indian society. Government has banned all the items for sale which can be considered as immoral for public display like the dildos, vagina shaped masturbation toys etc. But their sale through an online adult store is permissible in all manners.

Adult Toys In India

Sex toys are available for all. Whether you want to pleasure yourself or want to add zing to your sex life, we've got you covered. Ranging from commonly known toys like Sex Toys for Men Fleshlight Masturbator), Sex Toys for Women Vibrator, Dildo & Strap on Dildo, we have got Sex Lubricants, Sex boosters Delay Cream & Gel, oils and sprays, Penis enlargement pump from Bathmate etc.

Sex Toys In Delhi/ Mumbai/ Pune/ Bangalore/ Chennai/ Kolkata/ Hyderabad/ Ahmedabad

Sexytoy is not limited to a specific region of the country but it specializes in delivering them to all major and minor locations of the country. We have partnered with the best courier services to make sure our delivery is fast and reliable. Sex toys in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad take usually 2-3 days to reach you. Not just the delivery is fast but also discreet.

While the delivery to other distant cities might take a day or two more but it will surely reach you no matter where you live. Delivery for sex toys in cities like Lucknow, Jaipur, Indore, Guwahati and Kochi takes 4 or 5 days at max.

The popularity of sex toys in India has increased since the late 20th and 21st centuries, as a result of changes in cultural attitudes and liberation for both males and females. As the changes in rulership have taken place throughout history, the attitudes towards sex have also changed. This – as a result – has affected the attitude towards sex toys throughout the nation.

Also, we do not take any extra charge from you if your location is somewhere far away from the main cluster. You need to pay only a minimal charge of Rs.70 for any order value lesser than Rs.500. And if your order value exceeds Rs.500 then you will be charged NIL for the delivery. Isn't it fascinating to avail free delivery which is not just 100% discreet but also reaches even to the remote areas of the country? Of course it is. And with Sexytoy you get it all.

Shopping At Deluxtoys

Our website is super easy to use. We have allocated the products to different categories to shop from. Men, Women, Most Popular and Gifts categories are the most used ones. You can browse through the category and subcategories to buy sex toys online in India. You can also go to the home page and directly search the sexual wellness products you want to buy.

The product descriptions are well written and easy to understand. The pictures also help to choose the sex toy of your choice. If you are still confused, you can always get in touch with us. We try our hardest to make your shopping experience at Sexytoy as delightful as it can get

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