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Delux Toys offers exquisite sex toys online in India. We have a wide collection of sex toys for you and your loved ones to explore. Delux Toys has been in this line of business for over a decade now and has more than a 1+million satisfied and repetitive customers. 

Our ever-growing catalog of adult toys is attractive, invigorating, and plush. We have sex toys online for men like pocket pussy, fleshlight masturbator, penis sleeve, and sex dolls. Our sex toys for women range includes a vibrator, dildo, anal toys, and strap-on dildo. We also sell a whole new assortment of organic, edible sex lubricants and sex boosters delay cream & gel, oils, and sprays.

We have brought popular international adult toy brands such as Pure, Playboy, Pro Extender, Njoy, Pocketpussy, Joy, My Mate, Fun Factory, Kama, DurexMoiFleshLightLelo, Wevibe to India. You can buy Penis Enlargement Pumps from Bathmate and bondage toys like handcuffs, bling folds, leather bondage kits, and many other adult toys to satiate your fetish.

Sexuality in India

Sex is the most sensuous, yet the most unspoken element in our country. It is considered taboo to talk about sex. Sex is the most rejuvenating experience. It awakens all your senses and exuberates positive and overwhelming energy. 

Sex is a pleasurable act that can be enjoyed in various forms, and positions, and with innovative ideologies and sex toys.

A lot of ambiguity continues to remain around the availability and accessibility of sex toys in India. You can buy sex toys online through Deluxtoys and they will be delivered to your doorstep with discreet packaging the payment method is also equally easy.

Sex Toys in India

Firstly, one needs to understand what a sex toy is – it is an object that enriches your sexual experience. It can be used alone or with your partner.

The presence of the sex toys industry in India is a well-known fact, though kept unobtrusive. Earlier, these fancy sex toys were sold by a salesman discreetly, whereas now online adult sex toy stores are bringing in more variety, innovative technology-enabled sex toys that are controlled via Bluetooth, remote, or apps and having them delivered right to your doorstep. 

While the sex toys online market was progressing at a steady pace in India, the sales sky-rocketed owing to contemporary movies and web series such as Lust-Stories and 4 More Shots please, showcasing more and more women using dildos and vibrators without inhibitions. More women, single or in relationships, are open to experimenting with toys as compared to their male counterparts. The website also observed an upsurge in traffic via Google as a result of people searching for keywords like ‘sex toys for women’, and ‘female sex toys in India.’

Indian society has gradually started accepting the importance of sex toys in India and understanding their usage though we still have a long way to go. It will be a while before we accept our sexual energy, requirements, desires, and wants. There still aren’t any areas where one can talk about sex with regards to sensualism, enhancement, sophistication, and in person. 

However, things are gradually changing about sex toys in India. People have started discussing high and wide the availability of different types of sex toys in India.

Indians are experimenting with a whole lot of adult toys and are becoming more adventurous, whether it is vibrators, lingerie, or kinky BDSM products. Sex toys online are now available in various categories with vibrant colors of your choice. 

Sex toys assist in making one’s sex life more pleasurable and exciting. Owning a sex toy can help overcome boredom in bed. Anal plugs and vibrators, restraints, whips, paddles, ropes, clamps, blindfolds, and electrostimulation toys are all gender-neutral and intensify the desire.

To put it in a nutshell, our people who swear by our ancient art of Kamasutra have eventually accepted the advent and usage of sex toys in India.

The paradigm shift in the attitude of people towards sex toys has definitely led to an overwhelming effect on the demand and supply of adult toys in India, especially in metropolitan areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Amravati, and Surat. These places rank the top consumers for adult toys.

Pros of using Sex Toys

Why deprive yourself of your sexual fantasies when Delux Toys can fulfill them with the highest discretion. You will be spoilt for options when you explore our range of erotic garments to boost that lust a notch higher along with high-quality, durable, safe, sex toys to let your and your partner’s imagination run wild. 

We have always kept our promise to deliver high-quality adult sexual pleasure toys at your doorstep with decent packaging and easy to pay method with a flexible return/refund policy.

Whether it is to satisfy your own yourself or your partner’s or both, we have got the right product for you. Feast our array of products through your eyes and we guarantee that you would be spoilt for options!

One of the greatest advantages you get when you buy sex toys is sexual self-sufficiency where you don’t need to depend on another person to satisfy your physiological needs. Sex toys help you explore yourself and satisfy your sexual instincts at your convenience, pace, and time without any inhibitions.

Types of Delux Sex Toys Online in India

There are a variety of sex toys in India for adults for various sexual purposes. Our gallery showcases all the products with a clear description of how to use them and the advantages of each.

Delux Sex Toys for Men Online in India

We have multiple categories of sex toys for Men. You will be amazed at our range of products. 

Pocket Pussy (Vagina) 

Pocket Pussy Masturbator Sex Toy is manufactured using safe and soft high-grade material. The 3D Realistic Pocket Pussy Sleeve Cup is made with non-toxic and safe TPR material and feels like a real girl.100% waterproof and hands-free – perfect handheld size – small – big – easy to carry – enjoy your passion anytime – anywhere.


Our users vouch that our fleshlights are better than the real vagina. Made from patented soft silicone material, the Fleshlight is the most realistic sexual penetration simulator on the market. Try to believe it. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Cock Rings

Cock Rings provide the right kind of orientation for men during the actual act. Cock Rings help in delaying the process of climaxing and severs the inhibition of premature ejaculation.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis enlargement products, pumps, and extenders are made with premium quality international materials which help to increase erection and strength. Deluxtoys have one of the best and superior collections of penis enlargement pumps in India. These enlargement devices are primarily available in two variants – automatic and manual. You can choose what suits you best and spice up your sexual encounters.

Sex Dolls

Our sex dolls are currently the best-selling fashion male masturbation product, imported from the United States. It is made of super soft material and is medically refined due to world-class processing technology which feels like real skin that is delicate and soft, giving you the real-life feel and warmth of a woman. You will be amazed at how real-like it feels to have a spicy sexual act with the sex doll… it beats reality!

Penis Sleeves and Penis Extender

Penis sleeve extenders help men with issues of penis size, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. These sex toys were primarily created to allow penetration for men with erectile dysfunction. It goes on the penis like a condom and enhances pleasure and functionality.

As popular sex toys, penis sleeves feature nubs and ribs on the external or internal walls to pleasure either of the partners.

Anal Toys

Anal toys come in the forms of butt plugs, glass dildos, anal vibrators, vibrating balls, and a prostate massager for the most intense anal stimulation guaranteed to give pleasure to your partner and yourself equally. Anal toys can be used by men, women, and the transgender community with no inhibitions and are safe on the skin.

Delux Sex Toys for Women Online in India

Women need to break off their mundane routine and do something sex-citing for themselves. What better than a sex toy to please her inner desires and sexual fantasies. It isn’t always a successful climaxing scenario with the partner and that’s where our sex toys make up for the thrill and passion.


Dildos are universal favorites. Our life-like molded dildo crafted from high-quality silicone will drive the passion a notch higher. We guarantee extraordinary pleasures to your masturbation sessions. With its realistic smooth-tipped head, perfectly erect shaft, and supple veins shaped to resemble a real penis it would be near impossible for you to identify the difference between this classic dildo and a real-life penis. Dildos come in an assortment such as – Glass DildosStrap-On Dildos, Strap On Cock with the belt, silicone dildos, vibrating dildos, telescopic dildos, and a lot more.


Vibrators are soft and sensual and shaped like a penis to give the real effect. It is made of silicone and the veiny texture highlights the sensation on your vagina walls. Different types of vibrators are – Rabbit VibratorsG-Spot VibratorsBullet VibratorsCouple Vibrators (Massagers), Clitoral vibrators, Controlled Vibrators, Love Egg-shaped vibrators, and Dual vibrators in India. The right vibrator will enhance the ultimate sexual in your bedroom.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie isn’t only restricted to sexuality. It makes you feel good about yourself, loves yourself, and brings about the hidden wild fantasies alive in your bedroom. We have an array of sexy lingerie in various sizes, colors, and designs. Enticing your partner would no more be a task with our wide range of sexy lingerie. Spice up that act a bit more with your partner and see him go wild.

The other products we are proud to showcase in our online shop are superior quality, adventurous kinky toys for BDSM, Erection Rings and Vibrating Penis Rings, Condoms, Sexy Lingerie, Indoor Adult Games (Bedroom Sex Games), Wands and Intimate Massagers, Vagina Pumps and ExerciseBreast Enlargement, Male Condoms, Female Condoms, Baby Doll Lingerie, Bra & Skirt Set, Roleplay Costume and Bikini.

Buy Delux Sex Toys Online from

Delux toys sell sex toys in India that are made from the most superior quality materials, are safe to the skin, and make the sexual experience more pleasurable and satisfying. What are you still waiting for? Place your order today and experience a whole new world of fantasies, desires, dreams, kinks, fetishes, and sexual wants being fulfilled with the ultimate, hot-selling adult toys in town!

In India, as it is evident, sex toys are still not openly sold in markets and hence a huge amount of privacy and technicalities are involved in the selling of these goods. And acquiring quality sex toys in India is quite a task. However, there are quite a few places that sell sex toys in India, but it is strongly recommended not to buy sex toys from these places in India. Delux toys guarantee a safe, secure mode of payment followed by prompt, quick, and discreet shipping of your valuable products. Our customer service staff are friendly and helpful and are ready to answer any queries you may have regarding the products, their usage, and shipment status. 100% Discreet Shipping & Privacy Assured

Delux Toys is undoubtedly one of the greatest hubs to buy sex toys and adult toys in India. We are here to cater to your sexual needs in the most suitable way.

Our website has a customer-friendly user interface giving you the option to choose what you like based on your preference and budget. Once the product is added to the cart you will be directed to different modes of payment. You also have options of prepaid as well as Cash on Delivery payment methods.

After completing the payment process, the product will be packed and delivered to your address in the most discreet manner.

Cities We Deliver To

BangaloreMumbaiPuneDelhiChennaiHyderabadKolkataAhmedabadLucknowIndoreJaipur, Chandigarh, Kochi, Patna, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Agra, Sonipat, Gurgaon, Siliguri, Shimla, Jammu, Surat, Secunderabad, Srinagar, Vadodara, Thiruvananthapuram, Tiruchirappalli, Nagpur, Durgapur, Ludhiana, Amritsar and many more.

Sex Toys Related Q&A (Question and Answer)

1. Question – Is keeping sex toys at home an offense in India?

Answer – No, keeping sex toys at home is not an offense unless the individual is private about its usage and functioning. Every individual has his/her private life and hence, they have the full right to do whatever they want to under those conditions.

2. Question – Can you buy sex toys in India? Is it legal?

Answer – According to the Calcutta High Court, any product or manual suggesting any kind of stimulation for the enjoyment of sex, if not expressed in any disheveled language, cannot be stated as obscene. So, yes buying sex toys is legal only if it doesn’t contain any obscene language or objectionable pictures.

3. Question – Do sex toys come in discreet packaging?

Answer – Yes, It’s delivered in a plain card box without mentioning the product and website name or obscene picture.

4. Question – How to clean Sex Toys?

Answer – Use water and soap and dry out before storing in a dark cool place.

5. Question – Can I share sex toys with my friends?

Answer – Not recommended to share your toys with anyone. It might get a chance to infect by bacteria, infection, herpes, or STD. Or always use a condom over it and clean it before sharing it with anyone.

6. Question – Is the Lube necessary with Cock Ring?

Answer – Yes. recommended using water-based lube for easy slide.

7. Question – Will I Become Addicted to Sex toys?

Answer – No. Sex toys are meant to enhance your sexual life.   

8. Question – How can I bring up sex toys for the first time with a partner?

Answer – It depends upon mutual understanding. Discuss and get in confidence to bring sex toys to your bedroom. 

9. Question – What’s the best sex toy for a newbie?

Answer – Always choose the best low price toys with minimum complexity for exploring your sexuality. 

10. Question – What are some options for sex toys?

Answer – Delux Toys offers all types of high-quality branded sex toys for men and women including, sex dolls, fleshlight, dildos, vibrators, straps on, anal toys, cock rings, etc.

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