AIR Tight Sex Doll Pillow Masturbator DOLL

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  • Description

This Air Tight Sex Doll and Pillow Masturbator Doll comes with a soft and supple detachable pussy and a hand pump for simple inflation. Due to the high quality of the materials used, this life-like huge sex doll is incredibly soft and flexible. This blazing hot inflated sex doll has many characteristics that will provide you with a life-like experience. You can have fun with real flesh-like pussy and ass that will give immense sexual pleasure. Soft, squeezable breasts with lifelike nipples feel amazing in your hands while you engage in lusty love-making. 

Why should you use an Airtight sex doll pillow masturbator doll?

  • This sex doll for men is made from high-quality medical-grade materials.
  • It provides you more pleasure if used with MOI water-based lubricants
  • It is possible to clean it with gentle warm water and soap.
  • It is recommended to wear a condom when sexually interacting with the doll to maximize enjoyment.


This genuine life sex doll features smooth, firm breasts and a tight butt hole to fulfill all sexual desires. The ribbed butt hole ensures that you enjoy the most amazing orgasm you've ever imagined. This sex doll for men is made of high-quality soft silicone. Whether you want to play with her breasts, fondling them, and have your boner in between while bursting with ecstasy, or if you want to have anal intercourse - nothing beats this sex doll. This silicone sex doll is made of the safest materials and is heavily ribbed for long-lasting performance.


  • TPR- Silicone Pussy ( Real Feel )
  • Size: 165 cm x 50 cm
  • Breast: Soft rubber
  • Soft rubber for the feet and hands
  • Soft rubber material for the face
  • Changeable pillow cover
  • Inflatable body
  • High-quality digital printing
  • 100% safe materials: Made of medical-grade TPE, this product is entirely safe to use and has no odor. 
  • It is also eco-friendly.

How to use:

  • Inflate the pillow and wash the stroker to set it up.
  • Put the cover on. Thereafter, inflate the pillow till 90% full and stick the nipple to the right place.
  • Press the valve downside, apply some lube.
  • Normal masturbation requires you to move your own hands.
  • You can ejaculate with air sex dolls by swaying your hips, which is tough with masturbation or hand job masturbating.
  • With an air sex doll, you can mimic sexual intercourse while imitating the ambiance of a woman's body and her movement during penetration.
  • Masturbating in a realistic setting can increase your enthusiasm and sexual pleasure.
  • When placing your penis inside the air sex doll, make sure to apply sex lubrication. Lubrication helps in smooth penetration by reducing friction.
  • Water lubes are well fitted to the skin, allowing for smooth insertion and readily wiping away after usage.
  • Remember to wash and clean the sex doll after each use.