Anal sex tips for first timers

Anal sex tips for first timers

I. Preparing for Anal Sex –

1. Take a warm cleansing shower before having anal sex. Wash the external anal area with warm soap and water. Stock up on some baby wipes if you are too feeling too freakish about the mess. Take a dump before the play to keep everything clean from the inside as well. The key to mess-free anal sex is a clean and fresh anal area.

2. Before inserting anything as thick and long as a penis, you should try inserting a finger or two to make the area get used to the feeling of penetration. Alternatively, you can also try using sex toys to be inserted in the butt for butt stimulation.

3. Get turned on before insertion. Put on some music, have a glass of wine, and indulge in a reckless and passionate romance.

4. Since the anal region does not lubricate naturally, you need to NECESSARILY apply external sex lubricant to the area as it reduces the pain and makes penis insertion much smoother and easier. Steer clear from saliva or oil as an alternative to lubricant. Even water-based lubricants tend to dry up quickly and anal sex requires a long-lasting lubricant. So, opt for a silicone-based lubricant for your anal play.

5. Do not slam your penis right in one go. Go really slow with the penis and carry out some warm-up in advance like licking, squeezing, spanking, and kissing the butt.

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II. Anal Sex Foreplay Positions –

1. Embracing butt play- We all have gone into a lying down hugging position facing each other after a saucy hot sex session. Stay in the same position and let your partner insert a finger or two in your butt, or just massage the area or spank it hard. You pick!

2. Eat it out – The next time your partner is eating your vagina out, he can use his hands to give a bit of foreplay to the butt.

3. Spank it hard- When you are riding his penis, have him insert his fingers in your butt while spanking you from the other hand for good butt foreplay.

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III. Anal Sex Positions – 

1. Get into a spooning position with your partner and have him insert you from the back.

2. Get into a cowgirl position with the woman on the top straddling his waist and slowly ease his penis into your butt.

3. The woman can lie down on her back and lift up her legs straight in the air. The man can be on his knees right in front of the woman and insert her butt with the woman’s legs around his neck.

4. Look for an object nearby, like a table or a chair, or even the edge of the bed. The woman has to lift one of her legs and place it on the chair and let the man insert his penis in her butt in that position.

5. The doggie position is the most famous sex position targeted for anal sex. The woman has to kneel down on both her hands and legs and the partner has to stay behind her and enter her butt.

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