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What are Anal Toys?

Anal sex toys are used to stimulate the nerve endings inside your anus. Anal toys can help you work up to anal intercourse, improve your solitary play, or add a new dimension of feeling to your partner’s sex. There are many types of anal sex toys, known as anal plugsbutt plugsanal beadsanal dildos, etc. Both males and females can use anal toys to excite their anal parts. To excite the erogenous zones inside the anus, anal sex toys are designed like balls or spherical parts. These sex toys generally have a flared base to keep the toy from reaching too deep into the rectum.

It might be scary to use anal toys for the first time. Many taboos, tall stories, and disinformation can cause individuals to become confused and fearful. But, do not worry!  This article mentions everything you should know about anal sex toys. You can also buy your favorite anal toys online from Delux Toys at affordable prices. Delux toys ensure that all sex toys are made of medically-graded safe material and delivered to you discreetly.

Why should you use Anal toys?

Some anal sex toys are designed to stimulate the prostate in males. Other anal toys can pressure the A-spot between the cervix and the bladder inside the vagina. Non-porous materials such as medical-grade silicone, glass, or stainless steel are commonly used to manufacture anal sex toys. When used properly, anal plugs may provide a whole new dimension to sexual pleasure or anal masturbation, providing you with great anal orgasms.

Anal toys are also used to reduce pain during sex. In addition, they help a lot in anal penetration, and in fact, some male or female sexual organs work effectively only if they have anal penetration. So, anal toys are the best alternatives for sexual satisfaction and complete arousal.

Which are the different types of Anal Toys?

The most common types of anal sex toys are:

  • Butt plug: A butt plug is a type of anal toy that plugs your butts. They are thin at the tip and broader in the center to make insertion easier. A butt plug‘s end usually has a thinner neck followed by a flared base for safety. You can buy smooth or rough anal toys online at Delux Toys. Non-porous materials, such as silicone or stainless steel make the highest-quality anal plugsButt plugs are a good technique to get your sphincter muscles adjusted to the sensation if you want to try anal sex with your partner.
  • Anal dildos: Anal dildos are a type of anal sex toy that stimulates the erogenous zones within your anal cavity. Some anal dildos are meant to be fastened to a harness and used for pegging. They also feature a small curvature and a broader base. Anal dildos can provide users with a sense of twofold penetration during intercourse. It is recommended that before going on to anal dildos, start with a smaller sex toy like anal beads.
  • Anal beads: These anal sex toys are created to stimulate the anus. They also go in and out of the bum, unlike a butt plug, which is just supposed to go in and stay in. Anal beads are usually joined together along a cord, generally with the help of a loop at the end for easy removal. One by one, the anal beads are put into the anus, giving it a delightful fullness. Then, depending on the intended impact, they can be taken out. The sensitive nerve ends of the double-ringed sphincter muscle get aroused as the beads are taken out. This stimulation provides a wonderful sensual feeling, similar to getting a massage. This type of anal toy is are typically made with glass, silicone, or stainless steel.
  • Inflatable anal toys: Similar to butt plugs, inflatable anal toys have a hand pump. You may gently pump the plug after it’s in place for a complete sensation. Inflatable anal toys allow you to expand your anus to a comfortable length without risking injury. You may easily deflate and remove this anal sex toy if it seems too strong or discomforting.
  • Anal hooks: These are curved metal rods, generally in the shape of a ‘J,’ that are commonly employed in BDSM play. They usually feature a ball for anal insertion on the shorter curved side and a ring on the other side for rope attachment.

How to use an Anal Toy?

Using lubrication is crucial for any type of anal sex toy. As the anus does not lubricate itself like the vagina, you need to use a good lubricant before interesting the anal plug. In addition, a butt plug might stay in the body for a long time, so you should always use enough lubricant to guarantee that the plug can be easily and pleasurably removed.

You can also wear anal sex toys as part of your masturbation routine and during sex with a partner. In addition, they can be worn by either partner during vaginal intercourse. The best part about anal toys such as butt plugs is that they may be enjoyed by anybody of any age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Tips to Ensure Hygiene

Safe anal play necessitates good hygiene standards. Clean your anal toys before and after each use with warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner to avoid transmitting sexually transmitted diseases or germs that naturally thrive in the anus. As anus toys or butt plugs are entered into your anus, they should be cleaned up immediately before engaging in anal play. If you are in a hurry, you can quickly clean using alcohol-free or baby wipes. If you can wait for some time, the best way is to go to the restroom 30-60 minutes before and clean the anal region with soap and warm water. Cleaning anal toys and anal plugs are also essential before and after use.

Buying Anal Sex Toys from Delux Toys

Delux Toys has a large selection of Anal toys from well-known brands in high demand. Anal sex toys are superior silicone material, safe, durable, and sanitary. At Delux toys, you can buy anal toys online at affordable prices and be satisfied that your order will be delivered to you discreetly. Delux toys also take care of your privacy concerns and ensure that the delivery box contains no indication about the product.

Anal Toys FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I use a lubricant before inserting an anal plug?

A: Lube is a ‘must-have’ for anal plugs. Without it, insertion may be highly unpleasant and cause skin tears. You can buy the best quality lubricants online at Delux toys.

  • How many types of anal sex toys are there?

A: There are a lot of types of anal sex toys. However, the most common ones include anal dildosbutt plugsanal beads, prostate massagers, etc.

  • How should I take care of hygiene for my anal toys?

A: Before and after usage, anal toys should be washed and disinfected. You should also ensure to handle them with care. Remember not to share your sex toys with your friends as it may lead to disease transmission.

  • Is it medically safe to use anal sex toys?

A: Yes, it is safe to use anal sex toys.  However, there is a good chance that the substance will slip too far into the anal canal and go up the colon, causing major health injury. So, you should always choose an anal toy with a flared base that keeps the toy from being slipped. You can also start by wearing it for brief lengths of time if you’re new to anal sex toys.

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