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  • Sex Toys For Men Guide

    Posted On Jun 26, 2020 - (0) Comments


    A User Friendly Guide To The Unanswered Questions About Male Sex Toys

    Women need adventure,men need excitement ,couples need to rekindle the spark in their sexual relationship.
    We all have a sexual urge,a need ,an over-burst of hormones ,dont we ? Some of us are lonely,some bored,some 
    need companionship while others just want to explore more ways to have some fun.
    Where do you then go ? Adult sex toys, is the answer to  this.
    A store where your every need will be satiated.
    Now comes the next challenge of how to choose.Sex toys are about finding pleasure to arouse and 
    enhance the sexual experience in multiple ways.
    Men just like women need these sex toys too in order to enhance pleasure.If a man wants to take his masturbation to 
     a higher notch or if he wants to satisfy his women ,they are useful to fulfill his desires..

    Sex toys can be used in any relationship,be it with a man ,a woman or even while engaging in multiple partners.It can be used
    to spice up the time and to experience multiple orgasms.

    There are many types and kinds of sex toys and in order to choose the right one,a little awareness of the variety
    and the categories to look into is important.
    Let me take you one by one into the wide selection of sex toys available for men.


    These rings come in various sizes and forms.There are ones which fit the penis comfortably and stretch to provide maximum comfort
    and helps to delay ejaculation.There are others which are a little tighter and grip the penis and the testicles.Then there are ones with 
    single and double vibration.The double vibrator ones are to stimulate the women clitoris and the male penis simultaneously.
    Each of the cock rings comes with their own unique features and arre useful to enhance your sexual pleasure in different ways.
    Couples who love to explore BDSM will like to use the tighter version of these penis rings to give the Dominant partner full control as they
    delay the love making act and control your erection and orgasms.


    This is something that will interest every male as everyone wants to enhance their penis for the satisfaction of their sexual partner.While some
    look into enhancing it length wise,others look into improving the thickness.Many use creams ,gels,pumps etc.The most common and efficient 
    tool however are Penis Sleeves.
    They come in simple,regular shapes as well as in the form of ribbed,texture and vibration forms.They are stretchy like a condom to fit anyone perfectly
    and have an extra inch at the tip to increase the length and the girth of the penis.Most penis sleeves are very comfortable for the partner available in various
    textures which make it more enjoyable for the female  and  stretchable soft material fitting the cock perfectly to engage in longer lovemaking sessions for the couple.
    Sleeves are easily available online in India and are waterproof. You can use it with a water based lubricant and they are usually coated with a lubricant of its own like the premium
    range of condoms.Being reusable they are cost effective and a must have for the men who desire something extra in their regular sex lives.


    The kits are very effective in increasing the size and strength of the penis.For the men who desire to enlarge the penis and to prolong the process of ejaculation a bit longer ,control ejaculation or to extend the fun of sex.
    This is a perfect tool for you.
    One can observe results within 2 months of regular usage of the kits/pumps without having to worry about any harmful side effects.


    Not a very common one in India,life sized sex dolls are slowly capturing the market with an increasing demand for the men who want to indulge in some guilt free self pleasure. Usually inflatable and realistically designed with 
    perfectly shaped silicone breasts and detachable pussy,these air dolls are life size and come enclosed with an air pump ,patches incase there is a tear that easily conceals it and does the trick and also a special lube to massage your 
    penis with before engaging in some mind blowing sex with the Fuckable Realistic Inflatable sex doll.It is a great way to release yourself  and experience real life like sex without any fear of contracting diseases or any  guilt of engaging in  adultery.
    Sex dolls make a great partner for the faithful,shy or novice men who want to engage in some harmless fun and gain first hand experience .
    Couples wanting to have a threesome without any strings attached can do so with these alluring dolls that make exciting partners to help live up your fantasies.
    There are also some special customized Silicone Sex  Dolls ,available in different positions and features .These sex dolls are a great masturbator for the men wanting to excel  their love making skills and to recreate memories and live up your wildest fantasies 
    with the ever obliging horny and fuckable voluptuous  love dolls.


    Fleshlight Male Masturbators are the most sought after sex toys for the Horny Man.They come in various shapes and sizes .Disguised 
    to look as a Flashlight ,these can be stored with ease .Its designed in a very realistic way to resemble a vagina or a butt hole.Textured
    from the inside ,these Fleshlights can be a real delight to use ,fulfilling your quench for some steamy hot erotic session as you cum 
    inside this soft pussy toy.The sleeve is detachable, making the cleaning process simple .The unique shape and size of a fleshlight makes 
    it convenient to to store and carry in their disguise.An excellent way to release oneself,these can be stuck on a tiled wall with the aid 
    of the suction cap at the rear end and vibration can be turned on for extra pleasure and arousal.


    Tenga Eggs and Tenga Cups are also very commonly used sex toys for Men in India.Tenga Eggs are mostly about textures and controlled suction.On the other hand Tenga Cups ,are about varying shapes and sizes.
    In order to use them multiple times,Tenga Cups can be used with a thin condom.
    Some of the best Male Marturbators are usually equipped with motors which can stimulate glans as well as the frenulum.The base 
    of the male penis is far more sensitive than the tip and with good stimulation can make the erection last longer.
    Top quality male masturbators offer a wide range of vibrations and pulsations to stimulate the male organ to the maximum.
    Good masturbation toys do need need the man to thrust or stroke and these sex toys enhance the sexual pleasure by multitudes taking 
    you to unimaginable heights of orgasm.


    Sex toys are best used with a good lubricant like MOI Lubes.Since a lot of the masturbators are made up of either latex or silicone,
    its highly recommended that you use a water-based lube.
    Always read carefully the material the sex toy is made up of.If you have skin sensitivity ,its best to avoid any sleeves which are made of latex as it can cause severe allergies and 
    Never share your sex toy with anyone else but your sexual partner as the risk of transmitting infections is higher when you do.
    Clean the toy well before and after use with some Luke warm water and a mild liquid soap.Be sure to dry them well or pat 
    dry with a soft towel before storage.
    Sex Toys that come with an electric  motor,for instance vibrators and  fleshlights should be wiped with a wet tissue or used with a condom
    so the chances of rupturing the motorized parts is reduced.
    Sex toys shouls always be stored discreetly so that no one touches or misuses it in your absence.This will also 
    reduce any mishandling and thereby prevent it from any damages or breakage.


    Lets now face the biggest myth-Male Sex Toys In India are a taboo and are not available.Well thats a myth.
    The fantastic news is that through Ecommerce stores like Deluxtoys which guarantees you confidentiality when you shop
    and discreet packaging and courier options .This along-with huge varieties and best prices offered around the clock with mind bashing 
    combo options and discount coupons makes it a delight to shop with the comfort of your private space 
    and at your convenience.A customer care mail id and a Watsapp support no ,makes the decision making 
    experience completely hassle- free.With the increasing awareness of sexual health and pleasure in India, the quench to upgrade 
    and to enhance sex life is increasing .The online shopping experience at Deluxtoys is guaranteed to leave you completely satisfied 
    and the huge product range offered is bound to boggle your senses and add spark to your sexual lives.

    So dont hesitate and dont let fear or myths control your sexual appetite.Let your mind free and use this guide to help you select the 
    best sex toy for your partner and you.The team of deluxtoys is always readily available to solve any purchase related query .So reach out 
    to us at or Watsapp @8122309316....Happy Customers makes US Happy!!!


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