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    Posted On Jul 01, 2020 - (0) Comments


    Many unanswered questions raising to doubts about a womans sexuality, the need for a woman to explore ,fear of women gaining control in a relationship and the like  exist in our country.Availability of sex toys for women in India,sex toys are only meant for younger girls,single women,sluts,lesbians or if you are unhappy in a relationship brings one to wonder if all this is actually true or does this hinder your search for fulfillment ? To add to this there are  concerns about the authenticity and safety of these toys making it difficult to select the right one.There are many myths and misconceptions that sexual activities harm our well-being  and mental stability.It becomes very important to break this stigma and unnecessary fear that clouds our mind.
    Its important to provide women with accurate information and responsible guidance to help coorect these myths  one by one  inorder to have a clarity in foremost understanding the need for a sex toy...


    A sex toy helps an individual identify with their bodies and gives one a new perspective in understanding their sexual needs.It helps you evaluate your sexual reality.What turns you on ? What releases that happy hormone ? Is it possible to experience a WOW moment ?
    Only by self exploration and with the help of a good dildo/vibrator which is the safest recreational sex  tool that one can safely engage in ,can one find the answers to these hidden realities.
    A confident woman can lead her partner to satisfy her in a pleasurable manner.It makes for effective decision making and greater love-making sessions resulting in closeness with the spouse and to have a healthy sexuality.
    Better orgasms makes you feel bolder,sexier and improves health and wellness contrary to some beliefs that its wrong or taboo.Masturbation helps to increase blood circulation,giving you that inner glow.It also makes the sex organs in both genders more potent.A good strong dildo is instrumental in relieveing stress by decreasing the release of stress hormone cortisol.Women who achieve orgasm are relieved of medical conditions with their spouses including premature ejaculation.The oxytocin and endorphins released from masturbation makes one sleep better after an orgasm!!It also increases your will power.A single woman no longer will fall prey to a horny mans clutches,cause she is self satisfied.It increases your capability to wait for the right guy.It boosts self esteem.Unwanted pregnancies,STIs also can be prevented.It makes you feel incredibly sexy and desirable.It releases a lot of happy hormones and has zero side effects.
    Masturbation helps you have better and longer orgasms.When you masturbate u unleash an ocean of possibilities.You find out what turns you on and what does not.In turn you can show your partner what you want in bed,where to touch,where to lick,where to feel longer and thrust deeper...

    Vibrators come in many forms,some are designed for the clitoris ,some for the vagina and a couple for both.Most of them are fitted with batteries while others operate by electrically charging them.Some women like stimulation in their anal opening which can be achieved by a slim vibrator with low vibrations.Many handsfree vibrators are also available which are waterprrof and have a suction on the base to comfortably fit them on to a tile and use in a missionary position.
    These are the simplest form of vibrators ,compact  in size  with a tapered nip design and powerful stimulation on the clitoris as well as other body parts like the labia,nipples,inner thighs,buttocks etc...
    These are used by the women to massage their clit or by the man during foreplay resulting in steamy sessions and multiple orgasms for the women as she screams in ecstasy.
    They come with a curvature tip that directs at targeting the G-spot and causes ripples of vibration which feels like oral stimulation for the women.
    The name of this is simply to define the unique shape and look of this vibrator which comes with rabbit ears. The vibrator  helps to stimulate the vagina G-spot 
    and the ears work on the clit simultaneously.
    Couple vibrators are designed for couples in a way that the vibrator is fitted onto the clitoris with the penis inserted in the vagina.
    Dildos are perfect when you want to get the real feel of deep penetration.They come in various shapes,sizes and textures.Soft,hard,slim,thick and many more features make it very interesting in choosing the right one. Dildos with a suction base that one can attach to a tile wall and ride and water-proof ones for a quickie in the shower or bath tub are amongst HOT favourites.
    These are for women who dont mind some back adventure ,giving your man the time of his life.They come in the form of anal beads which make it very simple to insert.There are others with a loop at its back or a flared base to pull off easily.Grab a good lubricant to use these anal toys without a glitch and get rolling.

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