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Buy Moi cool lube online at best price in India. Enjoy the cooling sensation during the hot sensational times. Check out Moi cool lubricants reviews and ratings online with 100% privacy and discreet packaging.
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Product Description

Product Description

MOI Cool lube plays it cool by being an essentially safe and soothing gel.  These lubes are capable of getting rid of the reduced lubrication and vaginal dryness as it will give sufficient lubrication for smooth and pain-free sex. In addition to it, you will just love its cooling sensation which will make intimacy much more exhilarating. Got bored off of mundane sex? This cool lubes can  only make your sex life better no less than that. You will able to reach the pinnacle of pleasure as you both will be flying high in the exosphere of Euphoric world. These cooling lubricants are best for summer as it will accentuate the pleasure and sensation after the hot tiring day. Reduced lubrication may cause discomfort and pain in the genitalia during physical intercourse. The reduced lubrication is a nightmare for both male and female as it kills mood completely. The vaginal dryness or reduced lubrication is caused due to many factors like the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes, diet and so on. To effectively eliminate the vaginal dryness, external lubrication is necessary. With Moi cool lubes, you will be able to have more than sufficient lubrication with just minimal application along with capricious cool sensation which is unswerving and excitable. This cool lubricant for Moi is the best bet for kicking out the vaginal dryness and sexual boredom. Cooling lubes will also help you to delay the climax as it will desensitize and slow down the blood flow to the penis. Consequently, you would be able to set new records in bed just like that every time you make love. Moi cool lubes' cooling sensation gives you the unprecedented pleasure and stimulation which will make her have multiple orgasms. This cool lubes are water-based lubricants and are very easy to wash off after use. Moi cool lubes are electronically and dermatologically tested and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Also, Moi lubes are widely regarded as comfortable and safe for latex condoms.
Glycerol,Propleyene,Glycol,Di-sodium Phosphate,Sodium Phosphate,Edta,Hec,Mint

User Reviews

User Reviews

like the sensation Review by Menaka jaisingh
as you massage this you get a cool feeling which makes me feel more aroused ,good product
(Posted on 14-01-2020 04:24 PM)

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