ESHA G Spot and C Spot - Dual Vibration Premium Intimate Massager

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RAVE G Spot and C Spot - Dual Vibration Premium Intimate Massager - Product Description

Ever experienced vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously?

If not, you are missing an important aspect of self pleasure, which cannot be explained by words.

Rave with Dual stimulation will take you through a heightened pleasure orbits in the erotic journey and let you experience bliss. The kind of arousal, stimulation and resulting orgasm will certainly be of very high level which cannot be compared with the pleasure that you receive through manual or finger stimulation.

The New improved tecnolgy will help you orgasam with a different level. The specially designed Gallant G-spot and C-spot dual vibration intimate massager is a blessing in disguise for women who want to experience intense arousal and explosive orgasm during their self-pleasure sessions. The smooth long silicone feel will be the ultimate feel a women can have, The massager comes in the shape of a male organ to give you a more realistic experience while you indulge in self pleasure.

While you explore the highly sensitive inner walls of your juicy vagina, you can experience intense stimulation in your clitoris as the tiny flap is designed to stimulate your clitoris. So, you can enjoy heightened pleasure. Use Moi Lubricant for better perfomance and wonderfull orgasam