Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal Masturbator For Men

Rs 17699 Rs 9999
  • Description

Features of Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal Masturbator -

  • Anal imitation design
  • Clear and transparent case and tunnel
  • Textured noduled inner love tunnel
  • Adjustable suction
  • Fully waterproof for water play
  • For couples or solo use

About Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal Masturbator - 

Fleshlight ice butt anal masturbator for men offers perfect anal play. With super-tight sensations and a uniquely designed interior, this fleshlight masturbator is for lovers of anal sex.

I. Interior -

This butt masturbator is clear in color which allows you to see all the action as you thrust in and out. It also has a slight magnifying effect. The textured love tunnel is filled with an array of different textures. It is tight in places that gently massage your cock until you see yourself cum in a thrilling orgasm.

II. Twist Base -

You can use the twisting cap at the base to adjust the intensity of the suction. To increase or decrease the suction, you only have to tighten or loosen the cap. Each sensation will be different and provides a unique and exciting experience every time!

III. Real-skin material -

This anal masturbator is made from soft and sensual SuperSkin material which feels real. It fits snugly around you for the tightest squeeze.

How to Use Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal Masturbator - 

  • Apply a lot of lubricant to the entry of the masturbator and on your penis.
  • Insert it into the fleshlight masturbator and enjoy the process.
  • Once you enter, you’ll be able to feel the unique textures.
  • After each use, clean yourself since you had used a lubricant.
  • Then, clean the Fleshlight and the case with warm water & mild liquid soap or with a toy cleaner.