Fleshy Handsfree Wall Mountable Silicone Flehslight For Men

Rs 8750 Rs 5500
  • Description


  • Soft, supple and non toxic materals.
  • Body-safe odorless and flexible
  • 100% waterproof


  • Medical grade silicone compound 0f, TPR, realistic and stretchable.
  • Unique interior texture and easy to grip
  • Comfortable to use and carry safely.
  • Simulation of real skin
  • The sense of suction is enhanced to increase pleasure

Handsfree Masturbator Fleshlight- Handsfree and hasslefree masturbator for your secret enjoyment anytime and anywhere. Experience the real-like feeling of touching soft, supple skin.

Can be mounted anywhere and used to achieve maximum sastifaction.

Guaranteed enhancement of stamina and pleasure. No place for anxiety here - only enjoyment!

You will be amazed at the feel and texture of the life-like suction that augments pleasure.

The insert can be taken out and cleaned and put right back into the hard flashlight shaped casing.Portable and handy with discreet packaging.