Fox Tail Butt Anal Plug White Stimulating Fetish

Rs 2800 Rs 1800
  • Description

  • High quality Stainless steel anal plug and fox tail.
  • Careful packing, protect your privacy.Single package
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • MATERIAL: Real fox tail fur and a stainless steel anal Plug
  • DOMESTIC: Please note that these tails are from farm raised foxes and not wild foxes. The fox breeding industry has always been an important source of income for our local economy.
  • Length: it " s about 15.5/17.5 inch, it " s random, so the one you got maybe a bit longer or shorter
  • Color: Natural color, will be more or less to the picture, but there are never two 100% same tails.
  • Attention: the fur ball may be squeezed in transit, you can shake it after you receiving or ironing, the fur will be open again