How to avoid premature ejaculation?

How to avoid premature ejaculation?

Internet right now is filled with queries like, “My cums gets out really quick”, “I can do two-shot and I orgasm”, “My liquid comes out very soon”

However you put it, all these above conditions are called “premature ejaculation”.

Let’s look at how to prevent premature ejaculation –

1. Start by jerking off and when you come close to that heavenly feeling of orgasm, STOP!! Think of your mom, grandma, PT teacher, and whatever else that makes me feel gross. You will not release the cum and your erection will also go down. It will become soft. Now once you are completely cooled down, try arousing yourself again- watch porn, read erotic stories, and fantasize. Do whatever works for you but get aroused and start masturbating again. Repeat the same thing 2 times more and then allow yourself to cum properly without stopping. What this will do is, the next time when you have sex, you’ll know the exact point where you’ll be cumming. So when that happens you can prevent it by – Removing your penis out for a few seconds. Change the position you are in. Stop thrusting in and out and just let your penis stay inside. All of which can give you control and stop your cum right there. So you can start again and stay on much longer.

2. Condoms have a special ingredient laced on them to help you last longer, pretty convenient right? The time-increasing condoms in India are designed thick to help reduce the amount of stimulation the penis gets.

Durex Extra Thin Condoms - 0.055 mm thin - 10 Pcs

3. The next trick is apparently quite unknown to most men. It is said that once a man has ejaculated…..the second time he gets aroused, that erection is less sensitive to cum than the first one. So you can make use of that erection for a longer time in bed.

4. Have you heard about liquid gold, and sex lube? Sex lubricants are slippery gels that allow pain-free insertion and smoother strokes. The more friction you face during sex the more stimulation your penis gets and lube reduces this friction which will, in turn, help you last longer in bed.

5. Sprays are not only for attracting women, they are for keeping women as well. Delay sprays and delay creams are designed to help you last longer in bed. Delay creams or gels contain special ingredients that desensitize the penis. It takes away the sensations from the sensitive nerve endings of the penis for fuller and more long-lasting erections. Just apply it right before having sex and its ingredients will work magic on your penis and help you perform longer and better.

6. Penis Sleeve Extender is a sex product for bigger penis size and girth. It also helps to overcome problems like Erection Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

7. Sexual Supplements like Hammer of Thor Capsule and Titan Men Capsule is a perfect ayurvedic supplement for male sexual disorders like impotence, premature ejaculation problems erectile dysfunction, etc. 

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Those were some time-tested tips and tricks on premature ejaculation that can heavily impact your sex life. For thrilling sex life, shop for sexual products on

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