How to make sex in old age more pleasurable?

How to make sex in old age more pleasurable?

Often a question is raised – Do people still feel the intimacy and excitement about sex, post their 50’s? Are they mentally and physically active to indulge in sexual activities? When it comes to all the negative bits relating to old age sex, there’s a lot to cover. The fact of the matter is – If someone posts the mid-age wishes to keep their sex life active, they have all the right to do so.

In fact, at this age a person has lots to go through – changes in body, sickness, boredom, loneliness, etc. and that’s why the need to feel physically satisfied holds more importance to keep the mind happy and stable. Throughout our life, sexuality is a part of our personality and stays that way – one cannot assume that older people cannot be sexually alive.

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Here we will cover the tips and tricks as to how to make you and your partner feel the heat, irrespective of the age factor!

Touch, feel, kiss, caress do anything under the sun – do what makes you feel sexually aroused. Don’t just focus on intercourse – that’s not the only way to have sex. Be creative and don’t hold your feelings to explore new ideas.

Whatever that you missed out on doing at an early age – do that now.

When you age there are chances that you won’t have much hold on your erection – don’t only think about getting inside your lady, if you won’t succeed you will be stressed about not performing. Erection at this age might be a little challenging, and you don’t have to depend on super sex drugs for getting an erection – in case you only concentrate on how you get the best erection using medicines, the concentration while making love would be less on satisfying your partner. 

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Also, when it comes to older women the post-menopausal period has a lot of impact on their sexual organs, vaginal skin becomes thinner, and it is much dryer than young women and intercourse might be uncomfortable which can lead to painful penetration regardless of you using plenty of lubricants on your penis or inside the vagina, and they would take more time in getting aroused. If you love your partner, you need to change the way you thought things were when you were young. Talk to her, touch her and give her as much time as needed. The more you spend time together and connect mentally; it will be easier for you and your partner to concentrate on the foreplay which will help eventually. Try adding some good sex toys to your activities and think the best is clitoral stimulation, when nothing works this is the best thing that you can do for getting pleasure and releasing the pressure.

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Make sure that you use a condom every time you try intercourse, it will be safe for you and your partner (new or old). Well, we need not say that there are chances of females getting pregnant at an older age, but you want to be sure what you get into.

Bury your worries

  • Having sex at any age is good for your physical and mental well-being
  • It gives mental relaxation and combats stress
  • Sex is the reason why good chemicals are released by the brain
  • It makes your sexual organs healthy and active
  • When your sex life is good, your married life is much happier than those who don’t have good sex
  • Intimacy helps you build your relation, and you feel much closer to your partner

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If you still feel, there is an issue that you cannot resolve alone – we would advise you to

Contact a sex expert. They will dive deeply into the problem and come up with a solution.

Some specific counselors are specialized only in Sexual disorders for older people.

Coming back to the fact

When it comes to sex there are certain things which every person who ages should know

  • Sexual desires are normal at any age and stage of your life
  • Change in your sexual needs changes with age and when not looked at it can hamper your relation
  • With age comes a lot of health issues and these play a major role in lowering down the sexual functionality
  • Eat healthily
  • Refrain from drugs and alcohol
  • Do not consider intercourse/penetration as your ultimate goal – try and do different things to activate the sense organs which will lead to better satisfaction
  • Oral sex, vaginal stimulation, adding sex toys, etc. can be your savior
  • Mediate, give time to each other and understand the need and wants of your partner for better closeness

It is never too late to get yourself sexually active and never a time of the day which you think is gone with age. Do not give up on your fantasies and love, imagine a new and different you. Socialize more and talk to your loved ones. More people would need some help when it comes to their sex life at a certain age. The more you open, the less you will be stressed and the longer you will be in bed.  

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