Let’s bust first-night sex myths and facts

Myths and Facts Related to Anal Sex

You will find a lot of discussion on “The first night” but you are confused as to what is the right thing. Individuals are excited as well as worried about the hows and whats of it. If you have never been in a physical relationship but you feel that it’s now time for you to add this flavor as well to your so-called life and irrespective it’s your first “wedding night” or just a “first sex night” there is a lot for you to dig in and take the info which might or might not be in your favor. Will it happen or won’t it? How will it go? Would it hurt? Etc.

The first night is not a piece of cake, inexperience, over-excitement, stress, and anxiety are the ones which put pressure on the performance. So, let’s get some myths and facts cleared when it comes to your “First Sex Night”.

Myths & Facts– 

  • The pain is just unbearable – well it depends on how your partner wishes to enter. When your partner becomes ignorant and wants to rush to just perform the act, which leads to a series of failures. 
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  • Hymen breaks only during first sex – if not, the female would have a past sexual experience. Coming back to the fact there – there is a number of reasons for a hymen to break– masturbation, Gym, or any sports activity can be one of the reasons. It is not necessary that women have to experience pain or they have to bleed. 
  • Loose vagina and sex – Men even have this conception that if a vagina is loose, it’s a sign of having sex several times. What you need to understand is – to treat a vagina like a muscle (in fact it is) and it can expand and contract given the emotion that a woman is having exactly the time you wish to enter inside her vagina. The more your lady is aroused, she will let you in easily and it will be hard for you to penetrate if you make her uneasy. 
  • Vaginal hair can scar your penis – No way people! Go ahead; they are just normal hair, not a blade or wire to cut through your little man. 
  • Vagina and Oral Sex – Women menstruate and it is a dirty place to get in your mouth or mouse inside of it – the numbers of germs present in our mouth are much higher compared to a vagina. Go oral. 
  • No pregnancy during the period time – Mostly yes, but there is a risk associated as well. It depends on the period cycle. A cycle lasts for roughly 28 days and out of that approx. 3-5 days come under the period days. Females are more productive during the ovulation period. You need to check on how it works for you and your partner. 
  • When a female directs a man on how to go about things, it means that she’s already had an affair with someone – you talk about love and that’s how it should be if your partner is helping you to get through something which you are nervous at, better appreciate and not start the blame game and end the love which has not even started. 
  • Making noises is a sign of having great sex – well, having good sex doesn’t mean you have to moan, you don’t need to be in a sound-pollution room. Feel it and enjoy. At times noises are expressed as the pleasure that one feels but it’s okay. Moaning or not – just go with the flow. 
  • Condoms make it difficult to get inside the house – Nope, you will be a couple of mins late getting inside here because you have to put it just before you are ready to roll and while you are in the middle of your performance. But, it’s okay – that’s only going to keep you and your partner safe from any hurdle later on. 
  • Double protection is a new way – You don’t have to wear two or more condoms to feel that you are safe from STDs or unwanted pregnancies. This doesn’t guarantee anything. The possibilities of those condoms tearing are much higher, given the pressure, they feel while getting rubbed inside a vagina. 
  • Porn is the reality – Many couples think that their first night will be exactly like a movie backdrop – to be honest, it won’t. Everyone has a different experience to face, just try to make each other comfortable, caress, and fondle like how you want to be. Don’t copy anyone and take it easy. 
  • Women like a big penis – Actually, few of them love a big dick but that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s not about size but how two people have bonded and the level of intimacy they have while having sex. If you are a good lover, you will be able to satisfy your lady love easily.
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  • Only penetration will make her reach orgasm – There are spots to hit and it doesn’t mean that every responsibility lies in the hands of your penis. If your woman is not reaching her climax, it doesn’t mean you have to keep on penetrating yourself on her – won’t work! Try stimulating her clitoris, a little fingering would also help. How at times you would be more satisfied by a blow job, think about her the same way. Couples need to take time out and understand their choices and preferences before creating hustles in their sex life. 
  • Masturbation is taboo – There say it’s bad to please your body, either men or women would have sexual dysfunction if they enter this zone. To date, no factual information has been presented in this matter. You will come across various benefits if only you masturbate. Masturbation helps in relieving stress and hypertension, reaching orgasm much more quickly and more importantly it can be done without a partner. 
  • Sex can be a barrier in your professional life – Absolutely No! People have this theory that getting involved in sex would make you feel lethargic, take away your stamina, and won’t let you give your best performance, especially when you are in the sports field or serving your country. That’s a total myth created by coaches who wanted players only to focus on their performance. Several pieces of research have proved that indulging yourself in sex before you hit the field is great to deal with the stress and anxiety that one goes through and makes you more relaxed to give the best performance.

Did we miss anything here? There are more myths to be busted and taken out but that will be too much for you to download in one go. Why don’t you take a break for now and check out the amazing sex products that we have on Delux Toys – make yourself go wild with love.

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