Man Pillow Sex Doll for Women

Rs 19800 Rs 15500
  • Description

A sex doll is simply a sex toy that makes you feel better than all other sex toys put together. It is a human-like toy with a real penis and hips. It is like bringing a partner to your home. When compared to other sex toys on the market, a sex doll has several unmatched qualities. A sex doll guarantees that you have a somewhat more satisfying sexual pleasure. 

Why should every woman buy a man sex doll?

A sex doll offers everything you need to make sure you do not look like an amateur on your first date. If you are a virgin and unsure how to proceed, you should immediately buy this man-sex doll. This man sex doll for women is the best companion for all your sexual desires. 

We guarantee you will have the most exquisite sexual encounter you have ever had using this sex doll. 


The man sex doll is composed of high-quality materials used, this life-like huge sex doll is incredibly soft and flexible. This sizzling hot solid sex doll has a plethora of characteristics that will provide you with a life-like experience. As you mount yourself on this sex doll, have fun with an actual flesh-like penis. This inflatable sex doll is the most seductive lover you can have. Make love whenever and wherever you want with the same zeal. 

What is included in the box?

  • 3D formed big cock
  • 3D formed nipples
  • Two pillow covers
  • Personal lubricant
  • Inflatable pillow


  • 5 feet in height
  • 3 kg in weight
  • Lifesize tall: 175 cm x 53 cm
  • Sizes available:17.5 cm and 22.6 cm
  • Two sides and split design
  • Can bear 200 kg weight pressure
  • Eco-friendly PVC material
  • Durable and Exceptionally Satisfying
  • Simple to clean, odorless with a subtle citrus aroma
  • Extremely satisfying
  • Can be kept in a shipping crate
  • The comfortable posture requires flexibility

How to use:

  • Having sex with a guy sex doll is much easy than you would imagine. You don't need to do anything to make the doll excited since it already has an erect penis that sticks out straight. 
  • Simply lay the doll on a bed or other level surface. The doll should be oriented upward, with its erect penis protruding straight into the air.
  • Simply take off your pantyhose and sit on top of the doll. Begin by inserting the tip of the prosthetic penis into your vagina from beneath your crotch. 
  • If you've ever had "cowgirl style" sex with a man, you're pretty familiar with this submissive position.
  • But, remember that it is crucial to maintain a sanitary practice whether using or sharing a sex doll with your friend or anybody else. Even if it means sacrificing your sexual pleasure, sexual cleanliness always comes first. 

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