Medigold Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pump

Rs 1850 Rs 500
  • Description

This Medigold vacuum penis enlargement pump comes from a premium-quality brand trusted over the years for making penis enlargement pumps. This pump has been proven effective in enlarging the penis size of various men, irrespective of their health conditions. However, the size increment may vary from person to person depending upon their health. 


This penis enlargement pump increases the blood flow in the penis that helps to increase the penis size as per desire during sex. However, the increment length differs upon the medical history of men. Moreover, the duration of elongation may be subjected to the health of the person who wears it. 

For people who have erectile dysfunction or any other penile disorder, this penis pump has proven an effective and cost-friendly method. Plus, this penis enlargement pump is safe to use alongside medications as guided by doctors. 

This penis enlargement pump fills the penis’s blood vessels with blood upon suction. This method is temporary, allowing the penis to swell, making it bigger and harder. However, people with extreme medical conditions must visit the doctor before using it for the first time or longer durations. 


  • It is suitable for all penis sizes and can be used over the years.
  • This is made with premium-quality materials, which are durable and tough and are meant to bear large amounts of external pressure while enlarging operations.
  • It has proven effective in reducing weight, enlarging pumps, and boosting confidence amongst men. 
  • Regular usage has also shown increasing the penis size permanently up to a certain length.
  • This penis pump is easy to clean and carry due to its lightweight.
  • It comes at affordable prices and is much more cost-effective than other traditional penis enlargement methods.  
  • The chamber is transparent and helps track the progress during penis enlargement operation. 

How to use: 

To operate an enlargement penile pump correctly, follow these steps:

Step 1: Lubricate the joint- Apply lubricant to the base of your penis. This assists in the formation of a seal between your skin and the pump. To help with the seal, some experts recommend shaving your pubic hair in that area.

Step 2: Start pumping- To apply the suction device to your penis, follow the instructions on the packaging.

Step 3: Increase the pressure- Slowly increase the pressure on the pump to ensure that it remains comfortable. Pumping might take anything from 30 seconds to three minutes, depending on the apparatus. If it hurts, take a deep breath and release the pressure.

Step 4: Most penis pumps have a release valve that makes it easier to remove them. To do it correctly, follow the instructions on the package.

Step 5: To enhance the pump's effects endure longer, place a rubber ring around the base of your penis.


  • Shave your public hair regularly.
  • Even if the instructions appear to be self-explanatory, it's critical to follow them to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  • Keep the ring on for no longer than 30 minutes. Cutting off blood flow to your penis for an extended period of time can cause injury.
  • Make sure you apply lubrication before using the penis pump enlarger enhancer.