Mini Mia Handheld Silicone Masturbator For Men

Rs 3000 Rs 2000
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Vagina masturbator with Soft, supple and non-toxic materials.

Body-safe odorless and flexible

100% waterproof pocket vagina

Medical grade silicone compound 0f, TPR, realistic and stretchable.

Unique interior texture and easy to grip

Comfortable to use and carry safely.

Simulation of real skin and realistic vagina sex

The sense of suction is enhanced to increase pleasure



The Mini MIa Handheld SIlicone Masturbatore is a vagina masturbator which is delicate, supple and a satisfying sex toy for men made from exceptional material. It is intended to mimic the undeniable feelings of penetrating sex making it a realistic vagina sex toy. A real life feeling of performing rigorous, unstoppable, enticing and exciting sexual performance at one’s convenience.

Usage of MOI lubricants enhances and assists the activity of the pocket vagina by making it an extra wet and wild encounter. MOI water-based lubricants are safe, warm and gentle on skin enabling an easy entry.

In this busy and stress-filled life, this Pocket Pussy assures proper relaxation which is mandatory for physical and emotional well-being. This Pocket Pussy makes an ideal partner for you to relax at your convenience and desire.

This Pocket Pussy is made of invigorating silicone, which is 100% protected and fragrance-free.

It is assured to give you a lively feeling of real-life penetration. It augments and improves male sexual desire and is useful in the therapy of male incompetence, untimely discharge, premature-ejaculation and performance anxiety.

Flexible, comfortable and stretchable with a soft inside, yet has the firmness of a tight pussy to give you more pleasure. For additional pleasure and to accommodate your length, it can be taken out of the case and used. The case is intended for capacity. Can be stored away discreetly  and can be reused whenever and wherever when your mind desires.

This Pocket Pussy is meant to be tight yet stretchy to give you the most satisfying sexual experience anytime and anywhere that you would please. Isn’t it wonderful to experience this at your own convenience using this realistic vagina sex toy? Safe, durable, attractive and pleasurable.

We guarantee satisfaction as this Pocket Vagina masturbator is easy to utilise, effortless to store, and simple to clean. With appropriate use, the Pocket Pussy will give you lifelong gratification.

This Pocket vagina masturbator increases your confidence, enhances your performance leaving you feeling confident, gratified and with a better self-esteem.

This Pocket Vagina is designed to enhance your sexual activity with a real- life feeling to increase the pleasure and desirous happiness. This is the most sought after realistic vagina sex toy by every man who desires to relieve himself with passion, lust and sensuality without guilt and remorse.

Look nowhere else for fun, drive, wildness and passion when you can have it all in your pocket – the perfect vagina masturbator that gives you realistic vagina sex. This pocket vagina provides the ultimate pleasure, satiating your sexual desires and giving you the confidence with doubled enjoyment.

Order yours now and experience the realistic vagina sex toy for yourself. One stop shop for fun, desire and pleasurable lust.