MOI Herbal sex lubricant

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The long lasting formula of our water based MOI Herbal lube supplements the body’s natural lubrication and enhances the pleasures of intimacy.MOI Lube made from only the highest quality ingredients and is designed for smooth sensation and soft skin.Helpful in healing the bruises on a rough vagina and in stimulating it.

MOI Herbal sexual lubricant is a water-based lubricant which is rich in a micro-organism named Phytoplankton which grows in deep oceans. Phytoplankton is overloaded with vitamin B-12 and vitamin E. Vitamin enhances sexual health and skin.

MOI herbal sexual lubricant takes your sex life to a whole new level as your partner and you immerse in an uplifting pleasure and scintillating sensual sex leading to exodus climax. This water lube can truly enhance your sexual experience as it comforts you both by giving the element of surprise - no discomfort, pain, friction.



Smooth, silky, gentle and edible

Washes off easily

Safe on skin

Its gentle on your intimate areas, yet creates long lasting sensual experience

Eases vaginal dryness & intimate discomfort

Non-greasy, Non-sticky, Non-staining, Sugar-free


MOI Herbal sexual lubricant (water based lube) is a medical grade lubricant that guarantees titillating sex without having to worry about skin problems whilst creating an exotic and adventurous experience for both of you.

This water-based lubricant can be smeared directly on skin or can also be applied over your condom to help you enjoy breath taking sex without compromising on safety.

Staining your sheets or clothes would never happen again as our water based lubricant for sex is non staining and will clean up easier than ever.

It is to be applied to the genital area during intercourse which reduces friction and adds flavour to your love making.

MOI Herbal sexual lubricant has an optimized tingling effect that warms, cools & tingles all in one

MOI Lubricants are extra concentrated making it long lasting with just one application before the intercourse making it easily slide through without any effort.




  1. Was always worried about infections this lubricant makes me feel safe and has been infact helpful to heal my itchy vagina

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