Durex – (meaning “Durability, reliability, and excellence”)  is the most common name in every household – the most famous brand that specializes in the production of condoms and personal lubricants. The London Rubber Company and British Latex Products Ltd initially developed in London. The company was formed in 1915, and the brand name DUREX was launched in 1929.

Durex is one of the most hot-selling condom brands across the world contributing to 30% of the global market. It was declared the second best-selling brand of condoms in the United States in 2006.

The production of Durex condoms has been moved to China, Thailand, and India since 2007 when the UK stopped manufacturing. Production now comprises latex condoms and also a range of lubricants and sex toys.

It is said the Durex provided 150,000 free condoms to more than 10,000 athletes who participated in the Summer Olympics of 2012 in London.

There is a wide range of Condoms available that are meant for different uses and tastes too. The usage of lubricants enhances the performance too.

Durex Mutual Climax when lubricated makes the erection last longer. The end result is climaxing together due to the ribbed and dotted design on the condoms.

Durex Extra Ribbed is the most suitable for extra stimulation along with the pleasurable activity of intercourse. 

Durex Extra Dots excel in stimulating you and your partner because of its distinct texture of raised dots. It provides an enticing effect inside the organ during the entry and exit!

 Durex Extra Time, as the name states, is used to delay the climax and increase the longevity of the experience.

 Durex Thin makes you feel like you aren’t even wearing them. This definitely augments the experience making it feel natural.

 Durex Air is the superior version of Durex thin, literally making you feel as though it’s vanished in thin air.

 Durex Invisible is the ultimate of it all. It is made in a way to make the experience feel more natural and increase sensitivity. 

Durex Lubricants come in an attractive packing that is easy to use and feels smooth, silky, and gentle!

It decreases vaginal dryness & discomfort during the action and creates the most pleasurable experience ever with long-lasting sensuousness. 

The lubes are water-soluble, stainless, and easy to wash off.

Sex rings-Play Vibrations Ring – they enhance, augment and surge sexual pleasure by improving foreplay. Tell him it is not all about reaching the destination – it is how adventurous you can make the journey!

Pulsating pleasure – this is a must-try for those who believe in equal sensuality and sensationalism for both. This has up to 20 minutes of vibration. What more do you want? 

The modus operandi is as easy as A- B-C, you just have to slip it on, turn it on/off using the switch. It is of course battery operated and yes water-proof too! It is the safest on your skin with a smooth texture and elastic that gives a comfortable grip to the organ!

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