The Fleshlight was designed by Steve Shubin and was granted a patent in July 1998. It is a sex toy brand that is shaped like a vagina for vaginal, oral, and anal entry. It is used by men for masturbation by inserting their penis into the opening of the sex toy.

The Fleshlight Girls brand comprises masturbation sleeves molded from the bodies of pornographic actresses. The Fleshjack is a spinoff marketed to gay men that has masturbation sleeves and dildos molded from the bodies of gay pornographic actors. 

The demand for Fleshlights has surged over the past few years mainly because they are uncomplicated to use, painless to clean, small and discrete to store, handy, and easily available online. 

Applying some lubricant before inserting the penis takes the experience to a whole new level. it. It is an amazing replicate of the female vagina, butt, or mouth which gives you a realistic feeling. A fleshlight can be considered as an equivalent of a vibrator in terms of its model and functionality.

Some discrete shops in Delhi and Mumbai do sell Fleshlights, but the safest and easiest way to buy Fleshlights is online. Online shops sell Fleshlights made of superior quality and also have a variety of options.  

There is an array of brands available online; in India, the best brands of Fleshlights are Tenga, Funzone, Hustler.

Fleshlights also has a huge reputation for being the first male masturbators in India. In spite of them being small, handy and easy to store, their sexual functionality is amazing. It might look similar to masturbating with your hand, but the Fleshlights are a better replacement and has a solid grip on your shaft when erect, and provides an ultimate experience.

The outer part is hard, while the inner part of the removable sleeve is soft and supple giving you a realistic experience.  It also boosts your stamina giving you longevity for your erection during the actual intercourse. 


Fleshlights can be classified based on the entry type and the texture of the inner sleeve.

The entry type is based on the female body parts such as vagina (for virtual intercourse), anal (for virtual anal sex) and mouth (for a virtual blowjob. While the outer cover might be different, the design of the inner sleeve changes, and the rest remains the same while there would be a difference in the texture of the inner sleeve and the grip and friction.

The texture of the inner sleeve varies depending on the requirement and usage. For e.g. the classic fleshlight has a basic simple inner structure suitable for beginners while there are Stamina training units that enhance the stamina and performance of the user. The other fleshlights in demand are Super Tight (ST) and Ultra Tight (UT) varieties of fleshlights. They have different internal diameters; 15mm and 7mm respectively. Wonder Wave (WW), as the name suggests, Another Fleshlight has a wave-like the structure of the inner sleeve to stimulate the penis and is called the Wonder Wave.


Before using it, remove the sleeve from the case and warm it slightly, soaking it in warm water will soften the sleeve and improve the sensations. Do not use soap to clean it.

If you wish to insert it deeper, apply the lube generously, water lubes being the best.  the more the need for lube. So, feel free to use lube generously. Water-based lubes are generally the best. You can even use your fleshlight in the shower, but it is vital you do not share it with anyone. Wipe the case with tissue and store the sleeve back in the case only after both the sleeve and the case are fully dry.

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