Delux Meter Gauge Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pumps

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Penis Manual Vaccum Penis Enlargement Pump with meter gauge For Men boosts confidence amongst most men by increasing their penis size while having sex in bed. This penis pump has proven effective in enlarging the penis size and is recommended by doctors worldwide to treat erectile dysfunction and other penis disorders. This penis pump is made with high-class material that provides adequate comfort upon wearing for long hours. 


This penis enlargement pump has proven effective in enlarging penis size temporarily. And if it is used every day, the penis size may be increased permanently. However, the increment in penis size varies from person to person and depends on their medical conditions. 

This penis enlargement pump fills the penis with blood upon suction. The suction can be controlled by the controller provided with it. The controller is attached to the pump that can be used to adjust the suction amount while enlarging the penis. 

This penis pump is safe under different conditions, such as hot water shower, cold water shower, and even at a swimming pool. In addition, this pump helps to track the progress quickly with a transparent chamber. 

Why should you use a Penis Manual Enlargement Pump?

  • This penis enlargement pump is made up of High polymer superior quality material.
  • The pump is odorless and can be used with confidence. 
  • It is more manageable and secure than an electric penis enlargement pump, as you can control the pressure by yourself.
  • It is made with PVC, which does not cause irritation or allergic reactions.


  • Complete safety is assured while using this penis pump. This pump’s design deflates the pressure quickly when subjected to large suction pressure.
  • It is recommended by doctors as it has proven safe for enlarging the penis without any surgical treatment. 
  • It does not contain any latex or fragrance. Therefore, it can be worn for longer hours while having sex. 
  • This pump is easy to clean and can be carried at any desired location due to its lightweight and premium quality.   

How to Use: 

Penis pumps are simple to use. The steps below will show you how to utilize this penis pump:

Step 1: Some men choose to shave the pubic hair around the base of their penis, while it is not essential. This keeps the ring from becoming entangled in the hair.

Step 2: Place your penis within the plastic tube.

Step 3: Create a vacuum within the tube with the pump. The pump may be manual or powered, depending on the apparatus. Blood is drawn into the penis by the suction.

Step 4: Place the constriction ring around the base of the penis once you’re erect. This keeps blood inside the penis, which helps to maintain the erection.

Step 5: Remove the penis from the tube.

When used incorrectly, there are a few hazards associated with using a penis pump. It can be used as often as your body requires depending on how well it responds to the treatment. Some men may use one several times in a single day, while others may need it less frequently.

You must follow the directions that came with the pump exactly. A penile injury can occur if there is too much air pressure in the tube. There’s also the possibility of little bleeding beneath the skin’s surface. Small red patches, known as petechiae, can appear on your penis due to this. Using a penile pump might make some men and their partners feel uneasy or embarrassed, especially initially. So, use the product carefully.


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Delux Meter Gauge Vacuum Penis Enlargement Pumps

2,880.003,900.00 (-26%)

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