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Sensual Hot wax Zoom

Sensual Hot wax

Sensual Hot wax
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Brand : Njoy
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Product Description

Product Description

Sensual Hot wax

Product Feature:

Although Hot Wax is a very erotic experience it is also very dangerous if you don't follow some basic safety rules. For safe hot wax play, please follow these simple rules...

First you will need a willing lover . . . 

Not only should your partner be willing they should know in advance, do not make it a surprise! Discuss the whole process with them and makes sure you both understand clearly what each is comfortable with.

Preparing your area of play before you begin . . . 

Keep in mind that you are using an open flame, so make sure the area is clean and tidy nothing that you may trip over. Also there should be nothing that can be easily burnt or that could catch on fire near by. Place some old towels or sheets to catch any wax that drips off your lover's body, other wise you will be cleaning up wax for a long time. Keep a container of water near by and even a fire extinguisher.

Always test the wax first . . . 

Do this first on yourself by starting with a candle at about 12 inches about your palm. Let only a single drop fall onto it, and then adjust the height until you find a comfortable level. Now try a single drop on the inside of your forearm. Now try some more areas of your body. Now do the same to your lover starting with just one drop on their palm. Remember that your lover may be more or less sensitive than you, so you need to be sure about the level before just jumping in. The close the candle the HOTTIER the wax will be.

Prepare your Body . . . 

Removing body hair can be a good idea as the wax will pull at it when you want to remove it, unless this is part of the effect your lover desires. You can use lube or a moisturizing lotion before hand to ease the removal. Keep in mind that you don't want to use any lotion or lube that will heat up went the wax is applied.

While using the wax . . . 

To begin with start dripping the wax from a height (several feet) above your lover's body. Then you can begin to gradually move it closer. Remember that areas of the body are more sensitive than others. Some are much much more sensitive so take care. You should never drip wax on the face and always take care never to allow the candle over the face. Unless you and your lover are both experienced with wax start on the back or the chest, this will allows your lover a chance to get used to the feeling. Go slow and STOP IMMEDIATELY if your lover complains of a burn, remove the wax and treat with a cold compress.

Cleaning up . . . 

When you want to clean up keep in mind that the skin that is under the wax will often become more sensitive even after the wax is removed. You can often simply peel off the wax or use a blunt knife. After you have removed all the wax make sure your wash it to remove any residue.

Show me some hot wax. 

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