Delux Toys Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

Delux Toys has a wide range of male sex toys and various other sex toys for men in India. Our category of sex toys for men includes strokers and masturbators, penis enlargement pumps, condoms, cock rings, condoms, and anal toys at the best price with discreet delivery to your door step.

Sex Toys for Men in India

Delux Toys has a wide range of male sex toys and various other cheap sex toys for men in India. Our category of sex toys for men includes fleshlights, sex dolls, pocket pussy, dildos, prostate massager, condoms, sex games among a lot more male sex toys.

The following list of items will give you an idea of our male sex toys collection in a nutshell:

Male Masturbators

Masturbators are male sex toys that accelerates your orgasm. Though the most common method of masturbation is by using hands, sex toys for menlike pocket pussy, penis sleeves and fleshlight make it even more exciting and enthralling.

We have an exciting range male sex toys for you to choose from with regards to masturbators to pleasure yourself and ease your stress. These include vibrating pocket pussy, fleshlights, massagers, and penis extensions. It is important to use the right type of masturbator based on your preference and style. 


Fleshlight is a gamechanger in the male sex toys realm. It includes pleasure sleeves and male strokers that replicate the textured feeling of a vagina or anal opening. Design of fleshlight varies, each creating a unique feeling to offer different levels of pleasure.

Penis Sleeve and Penis Extender

Penis sleeves are intended to increase the length and girth of a man’s penis. They are male sex toys fashioned in the shape of a realistic penis with lifelike details. Penis sleeves also help men last longer during sex. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation have sensitive tips. When they wear penis sleeves, their tips don’t receive as much stimulation to make them prematurely ejaculate. It also helps men who have small penis size or who struggle to get an erection. In this case, penis extender acts as an extension of their actual penis.Penis sleeves at DeluxToys are available in different shapes, sizes and fabrications. 


Condoms as we all know not only controls pregnancy, it also works against STDs and gives you extra pleasure while penetrating. It gives an extra thrill for not just vaginal sex but also anal sex. It is usually worn by a man to ensure safe sex. 

While some condoms have a flavored essence, others increase the longevity of your erection, and also some of them come with ribbed, tingling, and warm sensation making the experience more sensual. It is a wise and safe investment.

Delay and Erection Sprays and Creams

Anxiety about no erection, low performance? Get rid of inhibitions with our delay and erection sprays. A delay spray or a cream delays the ejaculation process and sustains the erection for a scintillating performance. 

Penis Enlargement Pumps

This is a penis enlargement product that enlarges the size of your penis. It helps in boosting your confidence during sexual intercourse. Who doesn’t like a large penis that satisfies a woman umpteen times?

Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating cock rings help in sustaining your erection longer during sex. Cock rings are cheap sex toys that are accompanied by a vibrating sensation that doubles the pleasure, thrill, and fun when you make love to your partner.Sex Dolls

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Delux Toys is the largest online store for male sex toys and to buy other sex toys in India. We have a wide range of sex toys for men, women, gay & couples in India. Our male sex toys are safe, hygienic, and affordable.

We have an efficient support care team to assist you with your queries. Our payment methods are quick and easy. All our products will be delivered discreetly to your doorstep.