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What is Fleshlight and How It Works? A Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve, lined with numerous bumps, rims, and other surfaces, to mimic the feel of a real female orifice. It is made from a sleeve of realistic material, which gives a life-like real flesh feeling inside a solid case that gives it shape and structure. The entrance to the sleeve is shaped like a real female vagina and the inside walls are lined with various textures that create realistic sensations.  These amazing, discreet toys look just like a torch (or flashlight) and their durable casing increases their longevity. Fleshlights are perfect both for enhancing masturbation and bringing new light to foreplay with your partner. Made with High-Grade Materials Fleshlights are made with soft, supple, and non-toxic materials that are body-safe odorless, and flexible Fleshlights are made with 100% waterproof, medical-grade silicone compound of, TPR, and are also realistic and stretchable. They have a unique interior texture and an easy grip, also making them comfortable to use and safe to be carried around.  Achieve Multiple Orgasms with Fleshlight  Fleshlights aids in achieving the ultimate climax at your comfort. Helps eradicate inhibition and performance anxiety. It also assists those who suffer from a lack of sensation from excessive masturbation. Usually, those who have been conditioned to orgasm only from hand stimulation may find it difficult to climax any other way, and that is where the Fleshlight comes in handy. It has all the manual action of using your hands but feels like your favorite part of your partner, inculcating variation to your lone routine with a Fleshlight may help you explore innovative ways of climaxing. Type of Fleshlight  Fleshlight from Delux toys come in various forms and colors, and one can get imaginative and creative in its usage. It does not matter what your kink is; Fleshlight has an option to satiate just about any fantasy and desire. Using high-quality silicone that feels silky- soft to the touch, some of the best Fleshlights are modeled after the real vaginas, mouths, and asses of porn stars. The internal consistencies of the sleeves are even more diverse, featuring waves, ripples, and contractions to augment the sensations. There are Fleshlights that can be mounted on the wall during the shower which is an adaptable, adjustable accessory that uses a strong suction cup to hold your Fleshlight in place.  There are Fleshlights that are handsfree and also hand-held, battery-operated where the speed of suction can be controlled as desired. There are various types of Fleshlight masturbators such as Vaginal, Anal, and Mouth to facilitate the user’s preference.  Vaginal – This is the most sought-after fleshlight which is designed to look like the real vagina. Works best with water-based lubricant, and after completing the masturbation, the sleeve can be easily removed and cleaned as well. Anal – This fleshlight is designed to look like the real anus for those who prefer the rear entry for a visual and firmer experience.  Mouth – For all those who love a deep-throated blowjob – this is your find. The lips of the mouth fleshlight are attractively made with enthralling vibes, moans, and excitement.  Why buy Fleshlights from DeluxToys.com Fleshlights by Delux Toys have tight internal pleasure rings for sexual thrills to stimulate the penis head and shaft during masturbation. Discover real-like feeling of touching soft, supple, and luscious skin. Enhance your stamina and pleasure. The Fleshlight is designed to be a perfect mimic of real Anal and Vaginal feeling allowing it to be used anywhere, anytime. Suction inside can be varied thanks to a simple twist of the end cap. With a little warm water or some of your favorite lubricant you can further enhance the life-like feel and will definitely amaze you.  You will be enthralled at the feel and texture,  lifelike suction augments both Vaginal and anal pleasure. The insert can be taken out and cleaned and put right back into the hard flashlight-shaped casing. It is portable and handy with discreet packaging. Use of Lubricants with Fleshlights and Hygiene Tips Enhancing the experience with lube is another way to change the feel of your Fleshlight. Only water-based lubricants should be used to increase the longevity of the product. The fleshlight has to be rinsed thoroughly with clean water and left out in a warm dry spot until it is completely dry. Do not use soap, turn the sleeve inside out, or place directly onto a hot surface which can cause damage to the material.