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What are Vaginal Excercise Pumps? Vagina pumps can be used on the vagina, the clitoris, or the entire vulva, and they enhance your sexual pleasures. Break the mundane way of climaxing and add some pleasure to it and surge your orgasm by specifically stimulating the areas around the vulva. Unlike a penis pump, a vagina pump is easy and painless to use, and it doesn’t require you to insert it into your genitals. A vagina pump generally has three parts: a plastic chamber (often with a silicone rim) that is placed over the genitals, and a hose that leads to a hand-held pump.  Chambers come in various sizes. Small ones are designed to cover the glans clitoris while larger ones can cover the labia, the vagina, or the entire vulva. How to Use Vagina Excercise Pumps? The chamber has to be placed over the genitals to create a light seal after which a vacuum has to be created by pumping out air. Gradually, the suction on the genitals gets stronger and increases blood flow to the genital area.  The vagina pump stimulates the clitoris, labia, vagina, and/or vulval area leaving them much more sensitive than usual. This of course leads to increased pleasure and an upsurge in the performance. Why Use Vagina Exercise Pumps? This pump helps in elevating the sexual desires leading to a lot of bodily changes such as faster breathing, an accelerated heart rate, flushed skin, and hardened nipples. It also leads to numerous genital responses. It begins with the release of nitric oxide that causes increased blood flow to the genitals. this causes swelling of the vaginal walls and the inner lips of the labia. Increased blood flow also leads to vaginal dilation and the release of vaginal lubrication. Foreplay takes a completely new turn with the usage of a vaginal pump since the swelling makes the organs of the vulva feel more sensitive and self-stimulation feel so good. The vagina produces even more lubrication (as do the labia) and the vaginal walls change color due to increased blood flow.  If you have always dreamt of orgasming which leads to squirting then the vagina pump is the apt toy to help you achieve it.  Buy Vagina Pumps Online from Deluxtoys have an amazing collection of vagina pumps that help you achieve your dream orgasm. It is advised to trim the pubic hair where the chamber will be placed and sealed around the genitals. Of course, water-based lube is highly recommended. Remember to tighten the air release valve. Chamber size matters, since vaginal pumps and clitoral pumps are designed for different parts of the genitals. You have to squeeze the bulb until you start to feel suction developing; it is better to keep your hand on the chamber and once the labia start to swell, you will feel unusual arousal in your genitals. Using lube is highly recommended before you get into the actual act. It is important to clean the pump thoroughly with soap and water after each use. Store in a cool and dry place. Some vagina pumps are versatile in features, with air pressure gauges or squeezable handles, while some come with a separate vibe and others have ticklers built into the chamber. There are electronic vagina pumps with lots of bells and whistles that automatically do the pumping with preset modes for differing amounts of pressure inside the chamber. Some also have vibrating functions, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of an engorged clitoris or vulva while you’re increasing their sensitivity. Electronic and automatic vibrating pumps are usually USB rechargeable. At Deluxtoys, you can choose the suitable vagina pump that you want and desire to enhance your sexual life with the easiest payment methods on our website. Your product will be shipped discreetly and delivered to your doorstep!