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What is a Sexy Bikini for Women?  An image of a sexy woman with a two-piece swimsuit featuring two triangles of fabric on top that cover the woman's breasts and two triangles of fabric on the bottom are what we visualize when we hear the word bikini. The bikini is expected the cover the breast and the buttocks, exposing the navel and other parts of the body. There are various types of bikinis ranging from patterns that offer full coverage of the breasts, pelvis, and buttocks, additionally revealing designs with a thong or G-string bottom that covers only the mons pubis, but exposes the buttocks, and a top that covers little more than the areolae. When the first bikini was made, it was considered controversial due to its revealing design. It took a long while for people to accept the bikini in public. It was also banned in many beaches and other public places and swimming pools.  The bikini has gained acceptance over the years by western society and now all around the world.  A good quality swimsuit has to be durable, water-resilient, and stretchable. Some of the major fabric options for swimsuits are: Types of Sexy Bikini Nylon-This is a common material used for making swimsuits and bikini that are stretchy, soft, and comfortable, and it really hugs the body well.  A typical nylon blend is around 80% nylon and 20% of the stretchy material. That material is called Lycra, but it can also be called spandex or elastane. This provides extra which provides elasticity to make it easier to put on your bikini. However, nylon swimwear can fade or fray after prolonged exposure to the sun. Polyester blend swimsuits are found mostly amongst competitive swimwear. It’s soft yet solid, and it’s resistant to chlorine and UV rays. It can also absorb the dye, so this means you can dye your own bikini and print it with vibrant and crisp colors and patterns. Man-made polyester is also popular among polyester swimsuits. Though it is durable, it absorbs too much water and weighs down your swim. PBT, or polybutylene terephthalate, is a modern polyester material that reduces absorbency, amps up elasticity, and speeds up drying times. Sexy Bikini Washing Tips It is advised to wash the bikini delicately with a warm and mild detergent to maintain its durability and other properties.  Buy Sexy Bikini for Women Online from At Delux toys, we have a wide range of bikini/swimsuits to suit any body type, figure, and requirements. We have an assortment of various colors, designs, patterns, and styles to flaunt those assets of yours. What’s even better is our payment method which makes the online shopping experience easier and we guarantee safe and discreet shipping of your little secret right at your doorstep!

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