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What is Roleplay Costume?  As the name states, roleplay costumes add some vigor and excitement to your mundane sexual life by spicing up things in your bedroom between you and your partner.  The kink in seeing your partner dress up as somebody else and you enacting another role while unfurling a totally lustful script is unexplainable. It is all about playing out your fantasies with the role play costume, bondage kit, and BDSM products to take it up a notch higher! Some of the top roles preferred by couples are usually the Maid; the playboy bunny; the school teacher and student; the boss and employee, the policeman; the superhero with a mask, cape, and whip; the firefighter; the pizza delivery boy; the driver;  the step daddy and daughter; the sailor; the landlord; the sales executive; to name a few! Of course, this list is exhaustive and so is your imagination. Roleplay brings out the alter-ego in your or the other desirous suppressed side of you alive and kicking within the four-walls. You will be amazed at how wild you can get, how imaginative and sex-citing playful!  Looks like this kink is pretty common these days with couples to bring out the fun and surface those emotions that enhance their sexual life. The handcuffs, blindfolds, whip, and costume adds fervor to the otherwise dull and monotonous sexual life. The materials used in the roleplay costume are made with high-quality materials that are safe to the skin, kinky, colorful, and enticing to the partner. At Deluxtoys we have a variety of roleplay costumes meeting all your needs and desires and making every moment more fun-filled and sexciting. We have easy payment methods on our website and we guarantee discreet shipping and delivery of your little secret.  Order now and flatter your ego and your partner’s by enacting the desires inside you. 

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