Sharkz Penis Extender Sleeve With Vibration-Skin

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  • Description

A skin-colored Sharkz Penis Extender Sleeve With Vibration is a new generation penis sleeve designed to mimic the look and feel of a natural male penis. This product, made of a super-stretchy and soft cloth, is fully body-safe and non-toxic and can be worn by anyone. The fantastic penis sleeve's lifelike textures can boost your sexual enjoyment beyond your wildest dreams. 

Why should you buy a Sharkz penis sleeve extender with vibration?

It aids in prolonging ejaculation, improves the erection, and is perfect for deep penetration and thrusting activity. Just gazing at the ultra-realistic sleeve will make your partner's heart skip a beat, and they will be incredibly fired on before penetration. This penis sleeve is a hollow, penis-shaped sex device worn over your penis during sexual activity. It also features a sensation of vibration when used. 


This Sharkz Penis Extender Sleeve With Vibration-Skin is very elastic and comfy, with several exquisite ticklers and textures to increase enjoyment. It aids in prolonging erections, intense penetration, and more profound thrusting activities. It is a nice vibrating penis wrap that has been made explicitly for males. However, this penis sleeve may be used by any guy to make his intercourse more exciting and delightful. Some individuals use vibrating sleeves as sex toys, while others use them as penis accessories.


  • Made up of really soft material
  • 5 inches long
  • Enlarges penis instantly
  • It brings orgasm in sex
  • Realistic penis sleeve
  • Lightweight in nature
  • Length -5 inch
  • Diameter-1.2inch outer

How to use:

Putting on a penis sleeve is a simple procedure. Follow these steps: 

  • Most penis wraps are designed to fit snugly but comfortably over your penis while it is fully erect. 
  • Measure the length, width, and circumference of your penis when you have an erection to determine the proper size for you.
  • Before you order anything, be sure the sleeve is a good fit for you.
  • Put a few drops of lube in the penis sleeve and rub a tiny amount to your penis.
  • If possible, achieve a partial erection before sliding the sleeve across your penis.
  • It's preferable to insert your penis into the sleeve while it's partially erect, then let it fully erect while wearing the sleeve. Once you erect your penis, the sleeve should remain in place without sliding backward or forwards. 
  • Pull the sleeve down until the bottom of the sleeve touches the base of your penis.
  • Adjust the sleeve to smooth and stay in place when vigorously stroked.
  • To keep the sleeve in place, some penis sleeves have a ring or loop that goes around your scrotum. Others may have a flexible opening for your testicles or a belt that goes around your waist and secures the sleeve. Put a few drops of lube in the penis sleeve and rub a tiny amount to your penis.