Sily Flexible Anal Beads

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  • Helps in relaxing, relieving stress and promoting blood circulation. Normally the shape is designed for safe anal games. A perfect gift for yourself or your lover. The best way to prepare yourself for
  • Description

Add some adventure into your sex life with these Flexible Anal Beads.Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the world of anal sex ,these anal beads will help you indulge in an erotic night that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Ideal for people who are new to anal sex, this sex toy provides a series of 10 pearls arranged from small to big that gradually increases in size as you push it in slowly and comfortably.There is a safety handle at the end so that one is always in control of the situation.It is advisable to pull the beads out when you are nearing climax for the ultimate orgasm.Before using the product it is advisable to use a good quantity of anal lube to the anus and the sex toy.Gently stimulate your anus with your fingers in a circulatory motion to completely release the muscles.This will help you stimu;ate the anus for the insertion of the beads and makes the initial sensation much more exciting and comfortable.The beads start at 3/8 of an inch and grows to 1 inch in diameter at its base.

Sily Flexible Beads is an amazing anal product that lets you experience anal play in a safe and secure way and often leads to mind blowing orgasms.Insert as many beads as you are comfortable with and remember to apply ample of lube at the start of,during insertion  and when you withdraw the anal beads .