SKIN Colour Real Flesh Penis Sleeve Extension-Iceman

Rs 2600 Rs 1900
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Features of SKIN Colour Real Flesh Penis Sleeve Extension-Iceman

  • Stretches to fit most penis sizes
  • Adds extra length and thickness
  • Realistic head and veiny shaft enhance sensation for your partner
  • Made from skin-friendly, body-safe material
  • Doesn't fall off during sex

Description of SKIN Colour Real Flesh Penis Sleeve Extension-Iceman

If you are looking to take your penis to a truly jaw-dropping size, then we have the right extender for you. Offering extra inches in length and an increase in thickness, this realistically detailed penis extender means porn-star size penis for all. A swollen head and veiny shaft provide your partner with an insane amount of internal stimulation. Crafted from stretchy material, this penis sleeve will fit almost any size and girth. Simply apply a little lube to your member and slide it on.

You can surprise your partner by blindfolding and penetrating them with the ‘new’ you. This makes your partner experience being filled or stretched like never before. Get this comfortable penis sleeve today to spice things up and add more variety and sensations to your everyday sex sessions. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, this penis sleeve will help you last longer by reducing the sensation your tip receives. You can also go on and on and continue your lovemaking even after ejaculation when you wear this penis sleeve. And don’t worry you can feel everything through the sleeve, it's that realistic.

How to Use SKIN Colour Real Flesh Penis Sleeve Extension-Iceman

  • Use a drop or two of MOI Aqua lubricant on your fingertip and spread it on the inside
  • Use as little lube as possible on the inside so it doesn’t slide off during intercourse
  • Slip it on and you are ready to go
  • Do use plenty of lube on the outside if needed
  • Do note that this penis sleeve is not a substitute for a condom