Soft Touch Vibrating Dong

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  • Description

The soft touch vibrating dong has a flesh-colored design and feels like real skin bringing you real enjoymentvibration massage effect and multiple stimulation.

Sex toys are used by a lot of women these days to satisfy their desires. While most of the women arouse themselves using their fingers, however, female vibrators help in better arousal, ultimate desire and multiple orgasms. Since one has a total control over the functioning of the speed of the vibrators, they help in easier orgasms.

It is undoubtedly the safest tool for incredible orgasms that women can always invest in. It can be used for self-stimulation or with your partner, for a much more adventurous sex routine.


  • The G spot stimulator
  • Length 19.2cmdiameter 4.3cmA loaded.
  • Thrilling vibration functions
  • Waterproof and easy to use
  • High quality material
  • Multi-speed function
  • Ergonomic external stimulator
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • Extra soft silicone
  • Safe and Hygienic



Using the vibrator with an aqua based lubricant would ensure a smooth and delightful masturbation session, while letting your partner control the vibrator and arouse your erotic zones would lead to a power-packed amazing foreplay.

There are certain time periods in lives when women go cold or frigid – it’s time to look up for a good Sex Vibrator which will definitely turn over your sex life to the sensual end!

We have a wide range of Glass Dildos, Rabbit Vibrators, Personal Massagers and many more.

Our vibrators can be stored discreetly either in your purse or your suitcase and can be used anywhere, anytime as required by you..Don’t put a time or place constraint to your pleasure now!

All products will be delivered discreetly with safe and secure packaging.

Since the vibrators come with a G spot stimulator, the tip delivers precise back and forth rocking motions that show you the real pleasure.

The thrilling vibration functions tease, please and entice you to help you reach the zenith of pleasure. IT has an easy-touch control pad hat facilitates controlling the vibration and rocking speed.

Our vibrators are made from durable high quality materials and are sleek and compact, making it easier to carry around.

Important to remember that prior to and after each use, the vibrator should be washed with warm water and mild soap, taking care not to wet the battery or the wire compartment.

Its ergonomic build makes it fully flexible with ultra-powerful vibrations that stimulates that clit like no other leading to passionate and enticing sexual pleasures and orgasms manifold.

Can be used in the bath, shower, bed name it and you can use it anywhere, anytime without having to wait for someone to arouse you or give you an orgasm. Desire and fantasies are not to be supressed. These vibrators bring out the most hidden sexual fantasies lying within you and gives you the ultimate pleasure each and every time you use it, which no one can.

Extra soft body-safe silicone design allows for hygienic, deep penetration leading to desirous expression of your sexual fantasies, pleasures, wants and kinks. What are you still waiting for, when you can have this small bundle of pleasure deliver to your door step discreetly while making you moan wildly. Order now and experience the tantalising thrill of life.