Studman Extender Realistic Penis Sleeve-Loveluck

Rs 2500 Rs 1800
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Step up your game with this extension that is so close to a real penis with its soft touch and realistic design. Get a thrill out of this penis extender contoured with prominent veins and ridges so that your partner feels every move you make with more intensity.

The bulging head does a great impersonation of an authentic one and makes for a smooth entry due to its very soft material. Attach it easily on your shaft and get started on your journey to sublimity. Your partner will be impressed and satisfied by the length and girth of the extender which will make all your nights memorable. Satisfaction will come effortlessly as you can easily wait for your partner to reach orgasm.

To give your lover extra attention get your Studman  Penis Extension - Flesh and a doze of sex enhancer gels to add to your arousal. The feeling of bliss will come even faster if you combine them and generate new tingles.