Vibrating DELUX Fleshlight Masturbator With 20 Vibrations And Girl Voice

Rs 6500 Rs 4990
  • Description

Features of Vibrating DELUX Fleshlight Masturbator with Girl Voice -

  • Girl voice sex toys for men
  • Sexy moaning sound of a girl
  • Included - Wired vibrator with 20 different types of vibrations.
  • Long and roughly textured interior.
  • Free earplugs available

About Vibrating DELUX Fleshlight Masturbator with Girl Voice - 

Moaning has to be the sexiest sound there ever exists.

Our exclusive fleshlight masturbator for men comes with girl moaning sounds and powerful vibrations. Hands down, this fleshlight is the best sex toy for men who want a real-life experience. Those who love to hear their partner moan while taking their penis in and those who love like to feel vibrating sensations while masturbating.

I. Vibrating Fleshlight Sex Toy for men -

This is no common fleshlight. Along with the moaning sound of a girl, this fleshlight masturbator comes with a vibrator too. The vibrator gives 20 different types of vibrations for ultimate satisfaction.

The vibrator is not attached to the fleshlight. So it can be removed easily and even beginners can use this fleshlight masturbator.

II. Girl Voice Fleshlight Sex Toy for Men -

The same vibrating remote that produce vibrations will produce the moaning sounds of a girl. The moaning sound is so real that you will feel like a girl is screaming with pleasure.

You don’t need to worry about your privacy, the moaning sound won’t play on the speaker. There is a free earphone available with the fleshlight which you can wear to listen to the girl’s moaning voice.

You just have to plug in the earphones and feel the vibrations from the fleshlight, you’ll be cumming in no time.

How to Use Vibrating DELUX Fleshlight Masturbator with Girl Voice - 

  • Apply a lot of lubricant to the entry of the masturbator and on your penis.
  • Insert it into the fleshlight masturbator and enjoy the process.
  • Once you enter, you’ll be able to feel the unique textures.
  • After each use, clean yourself since you had used a lubricant.
  • Then, clean the Fleshlight and the case with warm water & mild liquid soap or with a toy cleaner.
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